• Once upon a brand

    Posted in Our thinking on Jun 17, 2019

    Most of the time the decisions people make are driven by their emotions. This is why stories sell.


    Every brand has its own story. If that story is communicated in an emotionally impactful and meaningful way, it becomes memorable and puts the brand into people’s minds. Stories give us something to identify with and relate to.


    Statistics reflect the reality – and the reality is that the market is saturated with multiple very similar brands with more or less the same quality of their offering. Stories tell us why we should care about one brand specifically. This practically means that if you ...

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  • Why branding?

    Posted in Our thinking on Jun 01, 2019

    Simply put, the goal is not only to sell. What a shock!


    Isn’t that the point of business? No, profit is a result of doing business. The profit comes at the end, and it happens so only if you have diligently performed all the necessary steps along the way. And indeed, not so long ago, the aim was pure profit. Don’t get me wrong, it still is quite an important aspect of the business, but what has also proven to be equally important today is creating a value, and the value is always followed by profit.

    That added value is the relationship you have with your customers, your employees, stakeholde...

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  • To be the first is to be alone

    Posted in Our thinking on Mar 11, 2019

    Or however, that wise saying goes which says that everyone who is on top, stands there thanks to their own hard work. They might be lonely but they feel awesome! They have a wonderful view. Well… there were some changes in this saying. Today, a whole team is on top, and they all feel great about it. Because one person, to be honest, can’t make it to the top all by their self.


    The saying was almost surely created while looking from a side, where from the whole picture, only one figure stands out in the foreground. While the ones from the background know that the picture is completely differen...

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