• Does it Twitch?!

    Posted in Spotted on Oct 08, 2019

    Eight years after its launch and Twitch got the new look (or should we say – sharpened look), featuring more vibrant colours, cleaner fonts and futuristic vibes.

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  • Yahoo! in new clothes

    Posted in Spotted on Sep 30, 2019

    We can all agree Yahoo is not the most popular search engine and web portal these days — however, we can also agree it is one of the most iconic brands in the digital world. After the company switched ownership and now a part of Verizon Communications, it’s time for a fresh start and to generate buzz. This new identity for Yahoo! is the first redesign of the brand since it's big overhaul in 2013, and it seems like this is the right time for a makeover.

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  • Change for good - Cannes Lions 2019

    Posted in Spotted on Jul 01, 2019

    It’s that exciting time of the year for all the creative nerds and marketeers alike - we can say for sure it’s summer time across the whole of Europe, trying to manage covering all the projects when the whole team suddenly wants to book a holiday in the same month - and of course another Cannes Lions.


    We had a look at all the work that was in the game this year and noticed a common theme among most (if not all) the winners – a call for change. Some submissions are flat out #inyourface bold, some are more subtle, some are more creative, some less.


    We’d like to showcase and give our comment ...

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