To be the first is to be alone

Posted in Our thinking on Mar 11, 2019

Or however, that wise saying goes which says that everyone who is on top, stands there thanks to their own hard work. They might be lonely but they feel awesome! They have a wonderful view. Well… there were some changes in this saying. Today, a whole team is on top, and they all feel great about it. Because one person, to be honest, can’t make it to the top all by their self.


The saying was almost surely created while looking from a side, where from the whole picture, only one figure stands out in the foreground. While the ones from the background know that the picture is completely different. Let’s take for example the number one male tennis player, Novak Djokovic. Everyone sees only him alone, but there is an entire team of people, an army of people actually, that stand beside him. One person is in charge of technique, the other one of strategy, the third one of condition, the fourth of healthy eating, recovery, and so on – a lot of people! That is a team. The team made of experts from certain areas which enables everyone to act within their field of work, so that they could achieve together more than they would individually.


The same recipe could be applied to almost all areas, and therefore to branding. That recipe is not a secret, the Ford patented it more than a hundred years ago. Except that, back then, he specialized in manual work, and today we are more focused on intellectual work.


Indeed it is, and if we look at the most successful brands, the consumer sees only the shiny Nike commercial which their friend has shared on Facebook. They don’t see that the person from the commercial is a professional actor, the video was filmed with the help of a choreographer, makeup artist, a stunt, director of photography, screenwriter etc. But people miss out on this part where someone had to come up with an idea and actually carry out that project which fits in with the brand’s philosophy. So, they don’t see the entire team working in a brand agency and brand managers that work in Nike. And they shouldn’t. That is not up to them. It’s up to us, the people from the background and the brand itself to strive to the top. Verily, people from the industry see the bigger picture. They know how much they worth and how much they contribute to the brand value.


Thanks to them, the same cognition of this value is also known to those who made it to the top. Because to be the first means to assemble a real team in which you put your trust as you would trust yourself. Maybe even more.

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