Change for good - Cannes Lions 2019

Posted in Spotted on Jul 01, 2019

It’s that exciting time of the year for all the creative nerds and marketeers alike - we can say for sure it’s summer time across the whole of Europe, trying to manage covering all the projects when the whole team suddenly wants to book a holiday in the same month - and of course another Cannes Lions.


We had a look at all the work that was in the game this year and noticed a common theme among most (if not all) the winners – a call for change. Some submissions are flat out #inyourface bold, some are more subtle, some are more creative, some less.


We’d like to showcase and give our comment on some of the creatives that gave us strong impressions and point you in the direction of the things that you just can’t miss to see this year.


First, let's start with the Grand Prix winner. Nike's controversial campaign for the 30th anniversary of “Just do it” slogan made some big news and lots of bucks, but also relayed a powerful message: 



Here is the case film for it:



Visual identity for PAL - Phase Alternating Line with a very interesting idea behind it




Google scores at least one award each year. This year they combined their vast technology knowledge to create something uniquely good. Check the case below:



Righting the wrongs has never been this creative - The tampon book:



Is ReArranged season by Berlin Philharmonic entering a new season without a chief conductor?! Yes, and not only it will not end up being a chaos, on the contrary, they came up with a “new composition” of both the orchestra and the season!



Stabilo made some prints to right some wrongs and highlight the true heroes of history!


America's on-the-go coffee brand Dunkin' Donuts decided to join the future, or should we rather say - the present, and reposition and rebrand itself as a modern brand that elevates it's coffee offering (hence doughnuts no more the logo).



All in all, there’s so much excellent work to see. I believe we can all agree that empowering a change for good in both marketing and business is the direction we should all strive towards. We love the underlying message Cannes Lions 2019 sent us - that we should all dedicate some time and have a real meaningful think on how we can change the world for the better.


To see all the work from Cannes Lions (not just the latest), check this website out



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