We’re starting the new season with a new look

Posted in What's new on May 15, 2019

Brands are just like people, they need makeovers from time to time, and the purpose for this is not only to keep up with trends. Rebranding is more than just slapping a new logo up and calling it a day. On the other hand, it also doesn't necessarily mean you need to change everything and build from scratch.


Rebranding, in both visual and verbal terms, can go from just a slight redesign to a full-on rebranding. It's all about aligning yourself with the very same values you reflect or would like to reflect to your customers.

Although our day to day work means branding and rebranding other companies, from time to time there comes a moment when we need to look into our own brand as well. So, in the spirit of changing seasons, we decided to do a bit of cosmetics here and there.



So, why did we need to change? Simply put, we’ve expanded our capacities and we didn't feel our brand reflected where we truly are at the moment. This means we needed to go back to the drawing board. Firstly, we reevaluated where we are and what we have done so far, which gave us a clarity and understanding of exactly how we’d like to present ourselves. Through years of working with incredible clients to help their brands shine, we came to the conclusion there’s no better way to present our own brand than by letting our work speak for itself. We mapped out our presence, found gaps, researched into the opportunities, and decided to simplify our design even further so we can accentuate our work in a far better light.

The inspiration came from one of the key avant-garde movements in modern art (Malevich’s Suprematism – the black square). The design relies on utilising simple, basic shapes as graphic elements that serve as visual focus points, turning attention to the messages we’d like to emphasize. This gave a smart way of injecting authenticity into our identity while maintaining simplicity.




Besides our own facelift, we’ve entered the new season with a few new wonderful clients, expanded into new markets and proudly launched some of the most interesting projects we’ve done so far.


Caravan Restaurants & Coffee Roasters, together with our long standing partner WorldRemit, allowed us to open the doors of our new office in London. We are so happy that we got the opportunity to work with the two renowned companies, supporting their daily creative needs, from creating beautiful packaging to having fun with designing for social media and coming up with new photography.



On top of that, we’ve also been so lucky to get the opportunity to envisage and create not just one, but three brands: a people-focused, next-generation customer support company called Morph; an algorithmic recruitment platform called Recrooit; and an incoming travel agency, *Note, that has given us all a different way to explore cities and cultures. We have enjoyed working with each and every one of them.


You can check them all out in the work section of our site.


And that’s not all from us folks. We expanded our team with some brilliant and creative new people, and added a variety of new services to our offer.


So, give us a call or pop in for a visit if you’d like to meet up ?

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