Yahoo! in new clothes

Posted in Spotted on Sep 30, 2019

We can all agree Yahoo is not the most popular search engine and web portal these days — however, we can also agree it is one of the most iconic brands in the digital world. After the company switched ownership and now a part of Verizon Communications, it’s time for a fresh start and to generate buzz.


This new identity for Yahoo! is the first redesign of the brand since it's big overhaul in 2013, and it seems like this is the right time for a makeover. The new branding was done by Pentagram (the designers behind Citibank, Cooper Hewitt museum and many more).



The purple hue with the lowercase sans-serif typeface gives it a bit of a startup vibe and Yahoo embraces the minimalistic look as the new 'bold and confident' identity for the 21st century. What gives it a distinctive quality is the exclamation point that looks like its trying to run away from the logo. Like the ‘y' in it, the ‘!' is under an aggressive angle (or by Pentagram’s words, it suggests momentum and excitement). This feature makes you still get that sense of “yaaaahoooooo!” shout in it. From the portfolio case study, you can see traces of secondary or accent colours that are in a brighter / fluorescent range, hues of magenta, orange, green and blue.



The brand update coincides with the announcement of new products and enhancements, including a reimagined Yahoo Mail app, and possible strategic change for the company as it prepares to introduce other products and services over the coming year.



We feel like this is a good decision for Yahoo and the identity looks spot on. Do you agree with us?

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