A people-focused
employer brand

What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand environment
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Development

Morph is an outsourcing customer support and sales company that is putting their people at the very heart of their business. Since its formation, the company has achieved a rapid growth, scaling up from 5 to 100 employees in only 2 years.

With the right team at the core of their business success, Morph has put the emphasis on creating the environment in which every individual feels valued and encouraged to pursue personal development.

We have been tasked to create a visual identity that will speak to their prospective employees and communicate company values to attract the right kind of profile that is essential for the efficiency of their service. We have based the creative direction on the idea of a learning curve that represents the phases of a professional life every individual goes through in their career. Every professional development is a learning process with all its ups and downs that bring a valuable experience and knowledge. We have translated this concept into a wavy line that has become the primary brand asset.